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Different from manual packing, the active packing equipment has higher requirements for carton line pressing and slotting. During manual packing, the bad factors such as shallow indentation, grooving and out of position can be corrected manually. The active packing mainly depends on the suction nozzle, stop bar and clamping bar to complete the cooperation, which does not have the function of forming correction. Therefore, it is required to ensure that the indentation of the carton is clear when processing the carton, and the carton is simply bent when forming the carton folding group, so as to avoid the defects of broken line, fishtail and so on. In addition, the accuracy of slotting and pressing line shall be ensured. Generally, the slotting or pressing line shall not exceed 2mm.
In order to facilitate the carton vertical forming by the active packing device, some foreign carton machinery manufacturers have recently introduced a process called pre crease. Pre crease technology is to install a pre crease device on the active pasting machine to pre fold one and the third pressing line of the paperboard once. This reduces the resistance of the press line to fold again, making it easier for the active packaging line to erect the carton.
Generally, there are two sealing methods for active packing: glue sealing and tape sealing. Different from the manual "I" type sealing method, glue sealing and tape sealing will not seal the corner of the box. If the box corner gap is too large, it will weaken the waterproof function of the box. In particular, the vast majority of export products are shipped to the place of delivery through containers. During the sea voyage, the air humidity in the container may be as high as 93%. If the gap between the corners of the container is too large, the products inside will be easily affected by moisture. In general, for the active sealing carton, the diameter of the corner gap should not exceed 5mm.
Carton surface should be suitable for transparent glue sealing
Some brands of cardboard, because of the high degree of sizing on the surface, make it difficult for the transparent tape to adhere to it, so that when the product is loaded into the box, the tape simply springs away, so it can't seal the box effectively. In general, the use of cardboard as face paper should be tested with adhesive tape. The specific method is: take a kind of transparent tape with moderate viscosity, stick it on the cardboard, and then tear the tape to separate it from the cardboard. If the surface of the cardboard is torn off at the same time, it indicates that the cardboard is suitable for sealing with tape. If it can be separated easily, and the appearance of the cardboard is not damaged after it is torn off, it indicates that the cardboard is not suitable for tape sealing.
The surface of tissue paper must have a certain roughness. Some active packing machines also include an active stacking system to stack cartons at the end of packaging. However, in this process, we found that some cartons with high surface smoothness and heavy contents cannot be sucked up by suction cups. The reason is that the carton with high surface smoothness can not meet the friction force with the suction cup to pick up the carton. Therefore, in this case, we might as well consider the selection of a rougher surface paper to replace.
There must be good flatness
Some beverage packaging, such as Pepsi Cola, adopts the method of paper tray heating shrinkage film packaging, and the paper tray is made of three-layer corrugated board with lower gram weight by die cutting. When packing in the active packing production line, draw a piece of cardboard through the suction nozzle each time and fold it to form a tray, then bottle it and seal the heat shrinkable film. If there is a certain degree of cardboard bending, suction nozzle will present a problem of absorbing more than one. For this reason, we must ensure that the paperboard after die-cutting has a high flatness.
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